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Mayor Phil Greiner

T: 908-410-0351

Committees: Administration, Finance, Planning Board, Redevelopment, Streetscape (temporary)

Phil Greiner has lived in Flemington for 29 years.  He has served on the Planning and Zoning Board since 2005.  He was appointed to fill an unexpired term on the Borough Council in 2007.  He was elected to Borough Council in 2010 and served there for four years until becoming the mayor in 2015.  His council responsibilities included overseeing the land-use related functions of Planning Board, property maintenance, zoning, code enforcement, housing, and historic preservation.  He was a member of several redevelopment committees since 2010.  He served on the board of the Flemington Free Public Library and was a charter member of the steering committee to establish the Friends of the Library, where he is now a board member and treasurer.  He also serves on the County Planning Board.

Phil has an engineering degree from the University of Delaware and two masters degrees from Stevens Institute of Technology.  He grew up in Lancaster, PA.  His corporate career was with AT&T for 35 years, which included living in St. Louis for three years and Houston for 10 years.

Married to his wife, Joan, for 42 years, he is the proud father of two daughters and has two grandchildren.  One daughter and her family bought their first home and live right here in Flemington.

Term Expires: 2018