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Historic Sites Council Decision – AUGUST 16

The hotel-area redevelopment project was heard yesterday by the state’s Historic Sites Council in Trenton.  As a reminder, the town owns the 90 Main building.  This gives the state jurisdiction over the sale of 90 Main, which is why the hearing was held.  

After hours of presentations, public comments, and debate among the council members, the vote was to “temporarily deny” the application until additional information is provided about plans and options for the 90 Main building.  Open questions include what options exist (or not) to refurbish the interior of the 90 Main building as opposed to retaining only the façade, whether or not the 100 Main building (the police station) has historic status and must be retained, and to what extent the overall size of the project may be a factor in a final determination about the 90 Main building.  We will work with the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) to better understand what will be required going forward.