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Union Hotel Redevelopment Update

As the redevelopment of the Union Hotel site continues to move forward, the Borough's Redevelopment Committee and Jack Cust and his team have continuously looked for opportunities to preserve historic buildings included within the project’s footprint. Recent changes in the project’s outlook and market conditions have opened just such a door. Seeing an opportunity to shift physical and financial facets of the project, and despite all the time, resources and funds invested in the current plan, both parties agreed to take another look at options to preserve the landmark Union Hotel.

All sides recognize the physical and emotional value this building has to us as Flemington residents, as well as for residents throughout Hunterdon County. So without further ado, we are excited to announce that collectively, after a long and strenuous effort to reevaluate the proposed redevelopment plan, we have an updated plan that will SAVE the Union Hotel and 90 Main Street.

Please stay tuned as we look to release the details and visual renderings of this updated plan very soon.