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Thank you for a Successful Stroll Through Flemington

Flemington's Historic Preservation Commission is pleased to announce that the “Stroll Through Flemington” An Historic House Tour on Saturday, June 4 was a resounding success. The weather was glorious and the excitement of the homeowners, docents and house tour committee members could be felt in the air. The selection of homes was much complimented and the effort and time spent on details by each homeowner was remarkable. Historic house-owners are very special people, and our house- tour participants were no exception. In addition to the private homes open for touring, the guests who visited Flemington on Tour Day enjoyed the public buildings, especially that of the Historic Courthouse and old jail where Bruno Hauptman spent some time during the Lindbergh Trial.

We would like to thank all our homeowners, docents, and committee members for their contributions, enthusiasm, and dedication. We could not have brought this Tour to fruition without the generosity of our house sponsors, business supporters, and 'friends', all of whom we want to acknowledge.

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