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Director of Public Works Department
Michael Campion 

Hours: 7:00AM – 3:30PM

Trash Collection & Recycling Schedule - Every Thursday
Please note that circle dates are Trash and Recycling Collection - All other Thursdays is Trash Collection only.

Leaf Collection

Leaf collection using the DPW’s leaf vacuum truck begins the first week in November and continues through December 31st or until the first plowable snow, whichever comes first.  

  1. No leaves shall be placed closer than 15 feet from any storm water inlet.
  2. Please place your leaves in a windrow fashion along the edge of the curb 10-12” away in order for rain water to flow.
  3. DO NOT place leaves in bags.
  4. Avoid the placing of branches, debris and other foreign materials in the leaf piles since this can result in injury to Borough personnel and equipment.  (CREWS WILL BE INSTRUCTED NOT TO COLLECT LEAVES WHEN BRANCHES ARE PRESENT.)
  5. DO NOT park your vehicles on leaf piles, due to the potential fire hazard.

Snow Regulations

Working together, we can all make it through the winter.  When snow is in the forecast, please remove your cars from the street.  If you do not have off street parking, you are welcome to park in any of the Municipal Lots.  Locations include the Municipal Lot on Court Street, the public lot behind 8 Main Street and the parking lot at Police Headquarters.  We ask that after the snow has stopped and plowing of the street curb to curb is complete, you remove your car from the lots to enable us to plow the lot.  If you experience an extenuating circumstance that requires your vehicle to be left on the street, please notify the Police Department at 782-3434 and advise them of the problem because tickets are to be issued to cars that interfere with plowing.  Sidewalk snow removal under ordinance must be removed within 12 hours of daylight after the same shall fall or be formed thereon.  No homeowner or private contractor shall leave plowed snow on public streets.  It is the responsibility of the individual that is plowing to push the snow against the curb or edge of the road.  Any plow damage to items in the Borough’s right of way, e.g. mailboxes, retaining walls, shrubs, plantings, WILL NOT be the responsibility of the Borough.  Any snow plow damage that may occur in these locations is not done intentionally.

Christmas Tree Pick-Up – December 26th through January 31st

Storm Water Regulations

Although the borough has been proactive with regards to monitoring storm water runoff, please assist us with compliance.  Things you can do to help:  care in disposing of pet waste properly (please pick up after your dog), use the trash cans for litter and keep leaves and debris 15’ from catch basins.  

Sump Pump Ordinance

Using sump pumps or any other device to discharge drainage resulting from rainwater, springs, wells or other ground water into the sanitary sewer system is strictly prohibited.  If you would like an inspection by qualified Borough personnel, please call 782-2390 to schedule an appointment.  There is a $25 fee for the inspection.

Winter Water Pipe Maintenance

Water pipes (both plastic and copper) can freeze and burst which can cause a great amount of damage.  Taking the following precautions will save money and trouble:

  1. Insulate exposed pipes.
  2. Open cabinet doors to allow warm air to flow to pipes.
  3. Wrap pipes with heat tape.
  4. Seal leaks that allow cold air inside where pipes are located.
  5. Disconnect garden hoses and use an indoor valve to shut off and drain water from pipes leading to outside faucets.
  6. Keep your heat set to 55 degrees or higher when you are away.

Street Sweeping

Streets will be swept at the beginning of each month except during winter conditions.  There are times when some streets will be marked “NO PARKING” to enable us to do a better job.